Storage Solutions

There are many situations in a home that you often think about utilizing the space for something more practical.

Alcove Solutions

Alcoves around a chimney breast are a prime example of this space. We can turn a space that never gets used to a useful solution.

Bespoke Bookcases Hampshire

We made two alcove units next to this fireplace and fitted a flat screen TV on a secure bracket so that the TV could be pulled to an angle that suits the viewer.

We can also provide spaces for media players in a discreet manner.

For those that don't have chimneys, we can build false chimney breasts and design ornamental recesses.

We can also provide TV lifts, drop downs and swing outs to add a modern touch.

Architectural Bookcases

Bespoke Bookcases Hampshire
Bespoke Bookcases Hampshire
Bespoke Bookcases Hampshire

These bookcases were made to make good use of the space either side of a fireplace.

This was a very precise job to work on as there is a window on each side that we had to incorporate into the bookcase.

The client was very pleased and how it exceeded their expectations.

Coat Units

Bespoke Storage Surrey
Bespoke Storage Surrey

I worked with another designer on these sets of entrance way storage cupboards for storing away coats. 


The cupboards are finished in a gloss black and have cloth panel covers, and to keep it looking sleek we used push latches without the need for handles.

This was the first time we also used a new material, black MDF.