Secret Door Bookcase

Surrey bespoke bookcase
Here the brief was to make good use of bespoke tailoring to design a bookcase to 
cover a bit of an unsightly gather of the 
household heating and electrical services.
A bookcase to be aesthetically pleasing and yet practical.
The centre section we made so that it
pivoted to allow it to rotate without
being hinged. If the centre was hung on
hinges it would mean there would have
to be a counter balance wheel
underneath the unit. I felt this was not
a good idea as it would wear an arc
on the floor.
Pivoting door bookcase
Surrey bespoke bookcase

The result was a completely weightless

feel to the door and effortless to open.

The weight of the entire door section and books had to be calculated to make

sure we had the correct pivots to work.

This bookcase was a challenge met

head on and we were all very happy 

with the final result.